Action Groups

We are an organic group and expect to continue to grow and evolve.  At this point, due to the interest and passion of individuals or groups, eight action groups have emerged. Please contact the group facilitators for more information, or if you want to be included in any group.  Also, do be assured that Rethinking Psychiatry will be eager to support you and your interest if you do not find it below.

Art Therapy

Eartha Forest:
Isabel Sheridan:


Alice Cotton:
Kate Hill:

Education and Outreach

Terry Danielson:
Marcia Meyers:

MOMS Movement

Cindi Fisher:

Political/Direct Action

Sarah Smith:

Healing Perspectives, Protocols, Places, & Perceptions

(AKA the Health & Nutrition Group)

Chris Foulke:
Tim Shannon:

Spiritual Emergence

Harriet Cooke:

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