A Three Pronged Approach to Mental Health System Change

Jim Gottstein or PsychRights.orgby Jim Gottstein in Mad in America

Three elements that reinforce each other in ways that can lead to meaningful system change. These are: (1) Changing Public Attitudes, (2) Creation of Other Choices (Alternatives),  and (3) Strategic Litigation (Honoring Rights).

Changing Public Attitudes <—> Creation of Alternatives

For example, debunking the myths among the general public that

  1. psychiatric drugs are the best treatment,
  2. locking people up and drugging and electroshocking them against their will is an effective strategy,  and
  3. people do not recover after a diagnosis of serious mental health illness

can greatly increase the public’s willingness to invest in non-coercive, non-drug, recovery oriented choices or alternatives.  Read more

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