Wasting the Taxpayers Medicaid Dollars on Psychiatric Drugs

by Janet Parker in OpEdNews.com

Let us remember that the amount of money you spend on medical care does not necessarily equate to quality care — medical fraud like a hidden greedy parasite saps the lifeblood of our public health system.  As we restrict preventative medical care to the poor and needy we are expanding the use of psychiatric drugs exponentially to include an ever increasing percentage of our population on these addictive lifelong mind-altering medications.

As a nation, we must not only look to the human rights ethics of whether psychiatric drugs should be prescribed with such frequency but also consider the ultimate cost to our nation’s health care budget.

Should we not question whether behavioral/social support systems, non-drug therapies, psychotherapy and other possible treatments should be the first line of action, rather than reaching for a pill that will doom a patient to lifelong treatment with expensive and often dangerous medications?

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