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ISEPP Conference in Portland – Oct 7-9, 2016

ISEPPISEPP announced it will hold its 19th annual conference in Portland, Oregon on October 7-9, 2016.  The theme for the 2016 conference is “Individuals Matter: Building a Better Science for Psychology and Psychiatry“.

Chuck Ruby, PhD

Chuck Ruby, PhD

According to ISEPP Director, Chuck Ruby, “The conference will address how traditional scientific methods and so-called “empirically-supported treatments” have failed to give useful information in helping those who struggle with very difficult life challenges. Because such science relies greatly on standardization, quantification, and nomothetic statistical analyses, the research results are based on and only apply to averages. They wash away the meaning of individual lives and turn people into caricatures. We need to bring the individual back to center stage.”

Up to 21 CEUs will be available for mental health professionals.

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ISEPP is a non-profit volunteer organization of mental health professionals, physicians, educators, ex-patients and survivors of the mental health system, and their families.  Its mission is to use the standards of scientific inquiry to address the ethics of psychology and psychiatry. It does this by educating the public about the nature of “mental illness”, the de-humanizing and coercive aspects of many forms of mental health treatment, and the alternative humane ways of helping people who struggle with very difficult life issues.

MindFreedom Conference – Oct 7, 2016


Creative Revolution: Outside the Medical Model

An Intensive All-Day Conference to Promote Alternative Approaches and Celebrate Individual Strategies for Growth & Recovery

Learn from experts about:

  • Intentional Peer Support
  • Hearing Voices Network
  • Sunrise Center on Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal
  • Open Dialogue
  • Soteria –type Sanctuary Houses

Keynote:  Jim Gottstein of the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights (PsychRights)

This conference is in conjunction with International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry (ISEPP)
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Second Story Peer Respite House – Oct 5, 2016

Rethinking Psychiatry Presents

Second Story Peer Respite House Santa Cruz, CAPlease join us as Rethinking Psychiatry presents Adrian Bernard, co-founder of Second Story Peer Respite House, for an evening of connection through Madness.

Adrian Bernard

Adrian Bernard

“Second Story (Santa Cruz, CA) offers people a new way to view themselves.  No longer as mentally ill patients, rather, humans empowered by the diversity of their experiences.”

  • What is a peer respite house?
  • What does it take to start one?
  • What does it take to keep it going?

Wednesday, October 5, 2016, 7-9 PM
Unite Oregon, 700 N. Killingsworth St., Portland Oregon