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Rethinking Psychiatry Planning Committee with Robert Whitaker

Rethinking Psychiatry Planning Committee with Robert Whitaker


Mission Statement

Mental health disorder labels often act as a cover for societal and situational problems. This paradigm is encouraged and exacerbated by powerful financial interests. By providing a safe, respectful and inclusive space for the sharing of the wealth of information, tools and experiences available to us all in meeting the challenges of mental, emotional and spiritual wellness, Rethinking Psychiatry is creating a more hopeful, humane and effective mental health care model.

This site is dedicated with love to our children in appreciation for the light their courage and integrity has cast upon the essential need for a more holistic, compassionate and effective mental health care system

A special thanks to Robert Whitaker for his generosity of spirit and for the message of hope and possibilites that his work continues to inspire and support.

Rethinking Psychiatry originated as a project of the Economic Justice Action Group of the First Unitarian Church of Portland. We are part of a larger movement working to improve mental health care and our mental health care system.  We receive no funding from, and do not promote any particular organization, government entity, corporation, or drug company.

Planning Committee Members

  • Harriet Cooke, MD, MPH
  • Cindi Fisher
  • Ron Hatteberg
  • Ricardo Lara
  • Steve McCrea, MA
  • Rachel Levy
  • Grace Silvia
  • Sarah Smith

Letter of inclusivity

Contact us: RethinkingPsychiatry@gmail.com